There is the notion of perfection and imperfection through-
out period musical notation. Perfection is when a note is
three times as long as the next smaller value. Imperfection
is when a note is twice as long as the next smaller value. A
perfect note is one and a half times as long as its imperfect
By the late 16th to early 17th century there were four
main moods or proportions. This controls how larger-value
notes are divided into smaller-value notes. Minims and
smaller are always subdivided into two of the next smaller
value. It wasn’t as important how the maxima and longa
were subdivided because the tactus was the breve.
The mood controls the division of breve to semibreve,
while the prolation controls the divison of semibreve to minim.
Imperfect of the less was already the most common by
1600. Evolved into current \Common” time…… and lot many more . ….

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